VIDEO: Couple Threw a Trance Wedding – and it’s Amazing!


It doesn’t get more Trance than this couple’s epic, trance-themed wedding reception.

The couple from Serbia got married and celebrated under psytrance decorated tent and danced with their guest to a genre’s classic. The bride was wearing a white and rainbow colored dress, and the groom (who we think he is) is wearing striking fluo orange pants.

Love for trance

The video you will see below is something you haven’t seen before, and we are glad that electronic music fans celebrated this way.

Hopefully, we will see a techno wedding soon, maybe it won’t be all black.

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P.s. Woman with the baby, you’re the real MVP.

Congratulations to a happy couple, Rave On!

Any Trance Fans here?! ⬇️Watch this couple’s epic,Trance wedding! 😍 💣

Posted by ONLY TECHNO on Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017


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