3 Things DJs Should Never Do On Stage

Asking the fans that appreciate and love their favorite DJs, we had the chance to sum up 3 crucial things that DJ should never do while playing.

Never get too drunk or high

Well, this sounds pretty obvious, you can’t be in control of your actions while drunk or high. But you probably witnessed this at least once…

Don’t get us wrong, having couple of drinks is normal for any artist, but being cross-eyed on stage can lead to embarrassment… and even worse, disappointment from your fans.

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Talking on the microphone 

A noticeable trend among EDM sets, we noticed some DJs are tring to get the crowd into their set by consistently shouting into the microphone… This is wrong as the people are losing the drive and set should be a musical journey to remember.

Playing bangers only

Fake it till you make it… Well, no. Your fans can tell if a DJ is being authentic and when they are playing Beatport Top 50. Or even worse, coping playlists from more popular names… Same goes with playing overplayed songs…

What’s the thing DJs should change in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.