TIËSTO: Sven Vath Was Definitely The First DJ That Inspired Me

Trance DJ Tiesto spoke about the Cocoon boss and revealed he was a huge influence.

In his recent interview for In The Mix, Tiesto said that Papa Sven inspired him: Sven Väth was definitely the first DJ that inspired me. A lot of different artists inspire me now but for different reasons.

This is not the first time Trance Star talks this way about Techno Titan, he also spoke how Sven inspired his career in interview with Billboard.

”When I was in the scene first, I heard a DJ from Germany named Sven Vath, and I listened to him for six hours and there was not one single record I recognized. And I was working in a record store! I was like, “This guy’s playing for six hours and I don’t know one track he played, and everything he plays is amazing.” Then I said, “That’s what I want to do.” That’s how I got into music, and trance music actually. He has this very mysterious vibe to him, and I think he still plays on vinyl. It’s a very different feeling. It blew my mind’, said Tiesto.

Well, even Sven used to say he plays Trance…