UMEK is back on his 1605 record label with a new two-track EP

UMEK is back on his 1605 record label with a new two-track EP in his usual style of peak time techno.

2023 will be a landmark year for UMEK that marks his 30 year anniversary in the music industry and this new release is his first of the annum.

1605 has become the main outlet for UMEK’s own music, but he has also featured on other scene-leading record labels ranging from Carl Cox’s Intec to Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid.

Throughout his career, UMEK has been considered an innovator and constantly reinventing his sound he has produced many genre-defining tracks. His classics such as “Gatex” and “Lanicor” inspired generations and in recent years he has dominated sales charts with tracks such as “Cryptic Speech” and “Vibrancy”.

This latest release is a continuation of UMEK’s legacy, as he continues to remind the world why he is one of techno’s most iconic artists.

“Once Again” opens the release with a pulsating bassline that is nestled amidst a framework of tough percussion with fast-flowing hi-hats and a thumping kick drum. The track’s namesake vocals are a focal element alongside flickering acid stabs and a tantalising breakdown that opens up the vocal sample.

“Constantly Monitored” is another fast and furious track that’s driven by the pounding of a hard-hitting kick drum. Its infectious lead synth leads towards a euphoric breakdown before the drums slam back in to lift the track up a gear.

Grab it here.