Interview: TRPTYCH

The latest in our series of interview is with Reykjavík electronic techno project TRPTYCH.

TRPTYCH’s architect, Reykjavík born Danni, is a producer / songwriter / drummer / programmer and has been making electronic music since 2006. First with experimental pop duo Sometime, where new wave synths and 90’s dance music went hand in hand with the nostalgic voicing of songstress Diva de la Rosa. With TRPTYCH, Danni’s course of action has been more inward, more personal, but the aim is nonetheless simple. To conjure up the magic that passionate, honest and truthful music always brings with it.

We spoke with TRPTYCH about his latest album, “Inner Terrestrial MMXXIII a. D.”. Enjoy the read and grab your copy here.

Hello! You are starting the year with a massive new release, an LP named “Inner Terrestrial MMXXIII a. D.” Is there any specific meaning behind it?

Hi hey, well I always wanted to make an ambient album and I have been working a lot on myself lately so my mindset for the last couple of years has been in that realm, so it made perfect sense for me to do it now. it was just very natural.

And what about the name itself?

The name of the album is hinting us to look inwards to our inner core, our inner earth/terrestrial, because all good or all change starts within. The MMXXIII a.D. is an ode to one of my favorite albums Michael Cretu’s MCMXC a.D.

From the previews we can get a taste of the release, it sounds very trippy and spiritual. What is your idea behind it, and what inspired you to make this LP?

Yes thank you, that is exactly what I was aiming for, I want the listener to feel high in the best possible way while listening to it. Although this album is completely different from what I have released before, I have been experimenting and developing this sound on my last two albums, songs like “Time With You” and “Digital Abyss” wouldn’t have been totally out of place on this album.

I’ve also been working on my mind and body more than I’ve ever done before, also one huge factor is that my wife has been doing a lot of spiritual work and that has had an enormous influence on me.

You called it a sort of a coming down album and we would like to hear more about your personal views as a producer. “Inner Terrestrial MMXXIII a. D.” is running at 2.5 hour and the album suggests a gripping sonic story. Is there a message or an emotion you wanted to share with the listeners or an emotion your release will bring out to the listeners?

Yes I wanted to make an album that just grabs you and slows you down, if you engage with it it will deepen and slow down your breathing and take you to another world. The album is very organic but at the same time it is also very futuristic and has sort of a dark Sci-fi feel to it which I am obsessed with. So for me this album happens in a futuristic moment that can go on for ages in an organic and vibrant universe.

It was not planned at all to make it 2.5 hours, it just came out that way. I just closed my eyes and went with it, very floating and dreamy, The album has very little programming and it is like 95% played. That’s why it feels so organic and although it’s very minimal there is always something new to listen for, it’s always changing and evolving. I think that’s why it works so well.

I’d also like to give a huge shout out to my friend from Barcelona, Natasha, who does all the vocals, I just love her voice and it takes the album to different heights, sonicly and mentally.

How would you describe your sound when it comes to presenting a complex soundscape like one from this album?

Dreamy, trippy, minimal, meditational, cinematic soundscape, something like that. My dream is to make a Sci-fi horror soundtrack, I just know I would nail it, something really dark but beautiful. That’s my favorite combo of them all.

How are you satisfied with the feedback so far? The album was released on the 20th of January, any mentions of places our readers can grab a copy?

It has only been out for a few days now and I’ve got amazing feedback from people that I didn’t expect to hear from. Listening to slow music is so good and it works so well on so many occasions, while chilling, working, sleeping, cuddling (and more), traveling, meditating, coming down from last night or even early start to a crazy night. It just grounds you and can take you places if you let it.

The album is out digitally and people can listen to it on all main streaming platforms but the best way to support artists nowadays is buying their work on Bandcamp.

Do you feel that a music producer has to give a deep value to his music?

It depends on the music and the producer I guess. I make music because I have to. I just go crazy if I don’t do it, so the process is the most important to me and then to release it with all that comes with it is the cherry on top. I just love doing it, working on it, the concept and feeling and seeing it grow into a piece of art, or did I misunderstand the question? 🙂

How important is artwork, format, merch, that sort of thing, or is it just about the music?

For me the artwork and concept is an extremely important part of my music. The artwork is an eye to what you are about to listen to, it definitely sets the tone for me. The format used to be very important to me and it still is to some degree but with an album like this, it’s all about the music. Also this album would have been a quadruple vinyl if I had decided to do that and that is really rare. it would also take out the flow of the record which is a huge part of it.

How does your creative process start?

For “Inner Terrestrial MMXXIII a.D.” I had decided to make a really slow paced trippy album and in like February of 2022 I started playing some synths, no midi notes and programming (I actually did that also on my last album Spawn Apart) and then I got really stuck with it with it until I went to a ceremony with an amazing Shaman woman. After that I felt so much clarity and energy that I finished it basically in a month, no rewrites or nothing, just the easiest and most organic experience I have had creating music. The album is heavily inspired by my experience that evening.

How hard has it been to find your own sound and what is its unique signature and do you fell you found it?

Well I´ve been making music as TRPTYCH since 2015 and with this album and my last I really feel like I have found my sound for now but I am ever changing and evolving so it will change.
From the beginning my musical career has had a clear and obvious thread, and that is originality and everything I have done in whatever genre has always been unique from everything else in that genre. That is my only guide for the future which I intend to hold until the end. I don’t understand people that make music that sounds like everything else that’s going on.

How would you describe the current situation on the global electronic scene?

A lot of good stuff and a lot of stuff which is not for me.

Any upcoming projects you would like to mention? What are your plans for 2023?

mmmh, first I just want to enjoy the moment of releasing an album and promote it but I really feel that “Inner Terrestrial MMXXIII a.D.” and my last album “Spawn Apart” is the best music I have ever made so I am just getting started and really looking for the future. I have entered my Blue Period.