Alex Dolby starts new label Sequenzial Shift with ‘Functional Elements’ LP

Sequenzial Shift is a new label project from Alex Dolby based in Italy that will focus on deeper and more experimental cuts.

A veteran artist of the scene and highly prized producer known for releasing on Developer’s Modularz, Emmanuel’s ARTS, Marco Bailey’s MB Elektronics, Teksupport and his own Affekt Recordings.

His educated sound is much loved around the world and Functional Elements is an album that steps into leftfield territory with raw ideas and esoteric, analogue creations with modular vibes and dystopian, ambient dubs.

“Function One” is a crackling, gritty analogue ride with haunting tones. “Function Two” is a sparse ambient dub. “Function Three” has a sci-fi feel with pulsing shocks. “Function Four” has a broken beat and abstract melody. “Function Five” is a warm textured journey with cavernous kicks. “Function Six” is a brooding trip of a tension. “Function Seven” is a beatless, looping, subdued jaunt. “Function Eight” is a hypnotic and urgent piece with a subtle, morphing feel.

Grab your copy here.