This Private University Now Offers College Diplomas to DJs

There are many respectable music schools around the world that teach music production and djing, and their students mostly gain certificates after they finish courses, but now this Serbian University went one step forward…

Megatrend, a private university located in Belgrade, Serbia was founded in 1989. It has a lot of controversy in its history, but now it looks like people from Megatrend University noticed the rise of popularity when it comes to electronic music and DJing.

There still no many information regarding newly introduced, 4-year long academic study of DJing, yes, you read that right. University announced some internationally popular names that will held lectures.

Their promotion says ‘Be the first DJ with a Diploma in the world’ as pictured below.

It’s still a mystery how will classes look like, and what will the subjects be. Will people learn how to be techno DJs separately from ones who want to be a house DJs, will they teach art of negotiation for gigs or how to get into a good agency, or most importantly, how to work the crowd in a moment?

It all seem ridiculous so far, like, will you have job as resident of some club waiting for you when you get this university diploma?

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