See CLON & NWRMNTC Present Recent Collaborations and Their New AV Project META

Back in February, Point Blank hosted a special event for International Women’s Day which featured a wealth of female and female-identified guests who presented the groundbreaking projects they’re working on. Point Blank regularly host events much like this one which let the public and PB students network, learn and experience cutting-edge production techniques. Many of these are exclusive to Point Blank students, so if you’d like to gain access to these, make sure you enrol on a Point Blank course.

Two of the guests who attended the PB IWD event were: Estela Oliva aka CLON, a producer, curator and artist who draws inspiration from the impact of technology and the internet in human behavior, society and our surroundings; Ana Quiroga aka NWRMNTC, a London based musician and sound designer who has produced electronic music and designed sound for film, audiovisual performances and multimedia projects. During the event, they discussed their innovative new AV collaboration, META, which merges elements of audiovisual art and sound design to create an otherworldly performance based on the impact of technology on human beings and the world around us.

The artists have collaborated several other times. CLON developed a short concept film titled, JANMAR B17, which serves as the opening of the project and depicts the activation of the CLON character. It features sound design by Ana Quiroga. The character is based on the ideologies of a cyborg mixed between male and female to create an androgynous-looking gender-neutral CLON and was created with the help of 3D visual artist, Aitana Basquiat. In addition to talking about the ideas behind the project’s sound design, the pair discuss how they travelled to Iceland from London to find inspiration. Whilst there, they began taking 3D scans and field recordings of the natural elements and the old industrial buildings around them. These helped them to create the enchanting landscapes and atmospheric sounds of the project. Additionally, the duo shares some of the eerie 3D footage of CLON’s dystopian TSDOMS (The Secret Duty of Master and Servant) artwork, which is built with the UNITY game engine, and is presented as a VR experience with sound design by NWRMNTC.

Photo credit: META by CLON + NWRMNTC at Mirage Festival