Point Blank Masterclass: How to Write, Record and Produce Your Own Vocal Tracks w/ Lily McKenzie

For this masterclass, Point Blank were joined by Lily McKenzie to break down her track ‘You Don’t Know’ and showcase how you can work as both a vocalist and producer simultaneously by exploring songwriting, production and vocal recording techniques.

Establishing herself with a series of high-profile collaborations with some of the biggest names in grime and UK funky, Lily McKenzie has worked with the likes of Giggs, Stanton Warriors, Crazy Cousinz and Yxng Bane, to name a few. Having built a solid reputation around her thoughtful lyrics, emotive vocal tones and distinctive flow, the UK singer, songwriter and producer recently appeared on fellow South London artist Ard Adz’s track ‘Grown’ from his new project “Dinner For One” and Jess Bays’ new single ‘Back & Forth’. It only takes one listen to McKenzie to recognise her ability to straddle both the thriving UK rap and dance music scenes effortlessly.

If you’re an aspiring vocalist who wants to learn the ins and outs of producing their own beats – or vice versa, you’ll be happy to hear that Point Blank recently launched a brand new line of courses that specialise in just this. The brand new Music Production & Vocal Performance Degree and Music Production & Vocal Performance Master Diploma at Point Blank are now open for enrolment and certified to equip you with both the knowledge and skills any music producer needs – especially if your goal is to become a self-sufficient artist.

McKenzie dives straight into the masterclass, showing how she usually starts one of her tracks by laying down some chords and a bassline. She punches in some drums and atmospheric effects, before EQing and setting her beat to loop. As she describes in the video, looping the main elements of your track is a great way to allow yourself to press play, head to the booth and start letting the lyrical energy flow. Sharing some of her go-to tips when laying down vocals, McKenzie details the importance of space in your vox, layering octaves and more.