DJ played at Berghain and Posted This on Reddit About it

What happens at Berghain stays at Berghain, right? Well, wrong!

Thanks to a comprehensive new Reddit post by Serbian DJ Lag, a Mord-signed techno selector who recently played one of the club’s marathon Saturday night Klubnacht parties, we got some inside story.

Check the post in full here.

”When it comes to the party itself – everything they say about the club is true. It’s an atmosphere of acceptance, freedom and love and you generally feel like you can be yourself. For us who have a general feeling of not really belonging anywhere – this is the one place we can relax and feel not only welcome, but actually a part of something. People usually focus on the sexual aspect of this but it’s so much more than that. While I’ve never actually been accepted into Berghain without being on the list (I once cued three times in a row cause I wanted to see Karenn live and got turned down every time) – I can’t really be mad because it’s down to the bouncers and their gut feeling for who might disrupt the fine equilibrium which helps Berghain keep being an oasis of freedom. Ironically, we are all judged only to establish if we can truly be a part of the no-judging zone.”