Laurent Garnier: Super-Trendy Techno Artists Are All Jeff Mills’ Sons

French techno veteran Laurent Garnier spoke about the current techno trends in his latest interview for Billboard.

He noted that Detroit techno wizard Jeff Mills, is an act he enjoys what he hears, but there’s an overload of acts doing it.

“The super-trendy techno [artists] now, they’re all Jeff Mills’ sons. It’s cool, I love it, I love his music – sometimes Jeff does it better – but there are 600 of them.”

Garnier also noted that Paris is also better than Berlin right now, and speaking of real underground scene, he is right. Many will agree that Paris represents underground techno mecca, with artist such as Zadig, Francois X, Antigone, Onyvaa, Cabanne, etc.

Read his interview in full here.

Via: Mixmag