John Digweed Stalker Sentenced To Prison


A woman who stalked progressive veteran John Digweed has been sentenced to 120 days in prison, suspended for two years, by Maidstone Magistrates’ Court in Kent, Resident Advisor reports.

Woman named Sharon Rennie, “sent her favourite DJ sexually explicit emails and kissed him while he was performing at [The Social Festival] in Maidstone,” reports Kent Online. In October Rennie also appeared at Digweed’s home in Sevenoaks, and tried to obtain his phone number by calling his agent. According to Kent Online, her emails to the DJ ranged from “expressions of admiration and love, which were sometimes sexually explicit, to emails which were offensive and abusive.”

In addition to her suspended sentence, Rennie had to pay £100 compensation, and she was given a five-year restraining order on Digweed, his wife and the town of Sevenoaks.


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