10 DJ legends over 50 years old!

Is there a natural age limit for DJs? Because the truth is that there’s a whole generation of revered club DJs who came through in the 80s and 90s who are no longer new blood, not by a long shot.

Do artists lose something from their creativity just because they’ve reached a certain age? If you’re fit and healthy, is there any reason at all to stop DJing, whatever your age?

Carl Cox Born: July 29, 1962 (age 57 years), Manchester, United Kingdom

Taï-chi/ Yoga: Until March, I’m in my house in Australia. It’s summer here and everyone is outside. We have barbecues, I swim in the sea and go fishing. I leave for little retreats roughly every fortnight, with meditation, yoga, healthy food, early bedtimes and a bit of taï-chi. It’s great! Such a switch from what I do and the life I lead. I always stop before the start of the new season in the States.


Jeff Mills Born: June 18, 1963 (age 56 years), Detroit, Michigan, United States

Don’t drink spirits/ smoke: These are simple things that people probably already know. If you stay awake overnight, you need to sleep, rest and refresh your head so as not to be affected by it. And keep away from things that aren’t good for your health: don’t smoke or drink spirits, but wine instead.
Get back home: the best remedy is simply to go home. It doesn’t matter where it is, just return home. I have always had a nice place to live. Always very pleasant, without a flatmate, where there are never any parties. As a DJ, I need a balance between this crazy life, being surrounded by people, drugs, etc., and my own home. Today, when I finish a show, I leave pretty quickly. Not that I don’t want to be sociable, but to rest, sleep and find the healthy balance again. That’s how I manage to do other things: because I don’t stay too long at these nights and afterwards I can still wake up.