EPIZODE² – The 11-day escape into Exotic Festival Paradise


Successful films always have sequels. And so it is that after a stunning first edition, we are coming back to Vietnam with EPIZODE² from December 31st to January 10th 2018. Unlike the guys from Hollywood, we never forget the original idea that inspired the masterpiece. For EPIZODE, each next chapter will always be better, as only a great unique idea can make people travel half the world to meet each other, to feel more of those bright and intense emotions and have their experience of a lifetime.


The most experienced masterminds of the Kazantip Republic, Befooz and Sagrado Corp. are already long working on new scenes for this 2017/18 blockbuster entitled “Equatorial Musical Adventure”. You are once again offered an exclusive opportunity to play your part. Of course you are free to stay an observer or appear as a supporting character, but for real heroes, it is a chance to become a superstar and really steal the whole show to the hottest soundtracks from world-famous stars of electronic music.

The location for all this is Phú Quốc, the largest island in Vietnam known for its perfect beaches with white sand, tropical seas and high temperatures all year round. Add into that palm trees, natural beauty to spare and myriad local cuisines and you have one of the most incredible locations you can imagine for this two-week creative coming together. And of course you will never forget the legendary breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Still, there will be even plenty more surprises to discover, only to make this occasion most magical.

The first headliners are heavyweights indeed, let’s look behind the scenes and check some of them!

Luciano was “made” by Ibiza. His star has truly risen as he sided with Cocoon in Amnesia, became a resident DJ at the crazy Circoloco in legendary DC10, and soon started his own parties in Ushuaïa club. He revived the spirit of the “old Ibiza” just brilliantly. “Luciano & Friends” gathered more than 4,000 people, so Ushuaïa was constantly jam-packed. Cadenza artists have proven that techno does not need to be dark. The signature style of Lucien and his friends remains unchanged: top-skilled mixing of styles, with obligatory bits of Latin.

Chris Liebing, the creator of “Schranz” genre, is often called “Darth Vader” of electronic music. His long history includes becoming the No.1 DJ according to German Dance Awards in 2003 while playing at Cocoon and supporting Carl Cox, his own hard-sound showcase Spinclub/Giessen in 2006, then his heyday with most bright performances on Berlin’s Love Parade, and, finally, the heavyweight CLR label. Now in 2017, Chris Liebing definitely remains an unusually contemporary artist, a living icon of the German techno school, in all its pulsating and brutal beauty.

Dixon is a true legend, staying the No.1 according to Resident Advisor Top 100 DJs year after year. Two decades of DJ practice in the most famous Berlin’s venues such as Turbine, Tresor or WMF were an excellent school: back then people went to clubs for the sake of music and the DJ’s talent. Dixon mastered the art to keep the dancefloor in suspense without any compromises. Today he is managing his own, world-famous label Innervisions. Still, Dixon keeps most of his own music works for himself and uses them only within his sets, making them truly unique.

Loco Dice came to Ibiza and instantly became a star and resident of DC10’s “Circoloco”. He is known for his unique talent of adding acuity to already fully saturated tracks and mixing them into unimaginable combinations with a surprisingly harmonious taste. This unusual artist is really a living insanity and his contribution to electronic music is invaluable. His releases on Cocoon, Cadenza, M_nus, Ovum and Four:twenty inspired new trends in today’s musical culture, and his own label Desolat is a quality mark for a whole galaxy of headmost DJs known all over the world.

With this news, the film of your dreams goes on, and the second EPIZODE of our never-ending story promises to be even more energetic, emotional and awesome, with plenty of music, light and magical moments. And here’s a chance to join this extravaganza: epizode.com


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