Doctors Are Set To Trial Mdma As Treatment For Alcoholism


The first ever trials of MDMA being used as a treatment for alcohol addiction are set to take place.

Recently given ethical approval, the study led by Imperial College London scientists will consist of 20 patients, all of whom are heavy drinkers and relapsed alcoholics, who will be given substantial doses of 99.9 per cent pure MDMA in capsule form.

Prior to the all-day session including the drug, patients will have to go through physical detox and two therapy sessions. Once they’ve taken the drug, they will speak with a therapist and meditate.

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Doctors in Bristol are set to begin the world’s first clinical study into the use of MDMA to treat alcohol addiction.

Researchers are testing whether a few doses of the drug, in conjunction with psychotherapy, could help patients overcome addiction more effectively than conventional treatments. The small trial was granted ethical approval a few weeks ago and the team expects to give the first dose of MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy pills, within the next two months.

Via: MixMag, The Guardian


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