Shlømo & AWB realeased ”Arcades EP” on Taapion Records

Taapion Records co-founders Shlømo & AWB pair up for an esoteric three track Techno release this July.

Alongside PVNV, Shlømo and AWB launched Taapion Records in 2013 – a label oscillating between Techno, Ambient and Electronica. Although the imprint has mainly acted as a platform for its fast-rising label founders it has also hosted an array of credible French techno producers across its initial six releases, such as Roman Poncet, Antigone, Francois X, Bambounou, and more.

Inaugurating the release is the energetic ‘Arcades’, driving forward with relentless kicks before introducing a metallic hook and dusky atmospherics. ‘Static Line’ is more twisted in comparison, meandering along using intricate percussion and trippy synth licks before ‘Intimate Disorder’ concludes the release with effervescent drums, echoing claps and various mesmerising nuances.

Shlømo & AWB ‘Arcades EP’ is out on Taapion Records on 7th July 2017.


1. Arcades
2. Static Line
3. Intimate Disorder