luft&liebe label released ‘Resurgence’, brand new single from Plasmatique

German record label luft&liebe is known for its upbeat style of techno which incorporates melodic synth lines and driving percussion.

The label’s new release is a single from Plasmatique, who presents a new track in her trademark style, which blends uplifting melodies and fast-paced rhythms to create an exhilarating groove in a style similar to others such as Innellea, Matador and ARTBAT.

Plasmatique spent several years working as a professional music producer before starting to focus on her own music, and along with previous releases on luft&liebe she has also featured on other respected record labels such as Harthouse.

“Resurgence” is the solo track on this release, and it opens with a pulsating bassline and a fluttering melody synth that builds tension underneath shuffling hi-hats. Unfolding to introduce the vigorous chords of the lead sound, the track builds towards an epic breakdown with spine-tingling suspense. When the drums slam back in, the melody erupts to deliver a moment of hands in the air bliss.

Grab it HERE!