Exhilarating melodic house with cinematic suspense in ITAI’s “When It Gets Stormy”

ITAI is a saxophone player turned electronic music artist, and his new release is an exhilarating melodic house release with cinematic suspense.

Known for his releases on labels such as Laroz’s Camel Riders and The Soul Brothers’ Talavera Records, ITAI has also played live saxophone as part of collaborative performances with other artists such as BLOND:ISH.

Living in America, ITAI is a well-travelled performer who has played shows all over the world. His shows are a blend of organic instruments, synthesisers and drum machines. He uses a looper to generate spontaneous tunes that utilise piano and saxophone performances.

This release is the 7th chapter of “The Unfinished Project” that ITAI has been releasing via his record label The Teddy Bear Lounge. It’s a storytelling series where each release is a chapter in the story, and it will culminate as a collection that will captivate mind, body and soul.

“When It Gets Stormy” is the solo track on this release, and it pays homage to one of ITAI’s friends called Stormy. The track also incorporates the unpredictable nature of stormy weather, as it’s structured with dramatic builds of energy that create tension on the dance floor.

There is also an operatic element to the song which gives it a cinematic vibe due to how the instruments are used to create moments both tranquil and climactic. Many of the parts were created using the Nord keyboard that is often at the core of ITAI’s live sets.

The track opens with ominous pads and filtered pitter-pattering that represents rain, and the arpeggio melody synths swell with modulating tones as the percussion holds a steady groove. Electric guitar chords and an electric violin play contrasting parts that represent the intertwined emotions of the opera’s lead characters, and the organic textures of the percussion create an uplifting flow of energy.

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