Cat Tried To Sneak Into A Club Two Nights In A Row

A cat was caught by a bouncer when it tried to sneak into a club two nights in a row, as published on Mixmag.

The party animal wasn’t on last Thursday’s guestlist, but since when has that stopped anyone trying? Security manager Lewis Thomson, who was worried for her safety, tried to keep her safe, although the kitty protested and ran away when he tried to pick her up.

She came back the next night to try her luck at sneaking in, managing to get into the club on Justice Mill Lane in Aberdeen around 1.30am when the club was full. She didn’t quite make it unnoticed, though, and was caught by bouncer Thomson before she could get on to the dancefloor.

Coyu knows it – Cats love techno 🙂

Via: Mixmag