Beirut club The Gärten closed by the government after DJ played Quran verses

Beirut club, The Gärten, has been shut down by the government after Acid Pauli played Quran verses during his DJ Set in the venue.

The video has been shared online and Governor Judge Ziad Chebib decided to order the closure of the Lebanese nightclub, stating that they were “lacking proper registration and promoting material that offends religious beliefs“.

The Gärten released an apology statement clarifying that the Quran verse was being played off the radio and that the German DJ Acid Pauli was not able to understand the language and did not recognize the Quran verses. The video has also been edited in a way that makes it seem the verses were played for longer than they actually did.

Read the full statement below.

We believe that its only fair that we share the truth about the video that was circulated yesterday and lead to the…

Gepostet von The Gärten am Montag, 21. Mai 2018