Review: S.C.D.D. Hazmat Team – Bond Is Word

The group behind Steel City Dance Discs is back again with another club weapon that has been doing the rounds over the past few months.

S.C.D.D. Hazmat Team is back with another supercharger. Slipping straight into third gear ‘Bond is Word’ has been road-tested in clubs from Bathurst to Berlin. Produced by Jackson Fitzsimmons and Cody Brassington which make up ⅔ of the S.C.D.D.

‘Bond Is Word’ is an ode to the midlands is a coarse cut of explosive techno, pairing piercing beats with robust, raucous drums. This track is a near 5-minute journey through classic peak time moment metallic percussion and soaring bass lines.

Melodic elements featured on ‘Bond Is Word’ present a raw, rolling, and heavy sound, while kick and hi-hat rhythms play off each other moving the track’s climax forwards.

You can expect to hear a hardening of sound, without losing any of the melodic touches and that makes the releases so memorable. From the spitting stabs to the brutal drop with attitude, ‘Bond Is Word’ is a relentless techno weapon.

Overall, ‘Bond Is Word’ is a fierce and engulfing cut, warped into a riotous trip to remind anyone just how techno should sound like.

The track comes with a high-octane video you can watch below.