Lampé Debuts On Form Music With Two-Track EP Change It

When it comes to techno, minimal or even deeper iterations of electronic music, Lampé is a factory full of tricks. Following a slew of career releases on the likes of Jannowitz Records, Recovery Collective and Alula Tunes over the past few years, the genre-defying German producer now announces his long awaited debut on POPOF’s FORM Music, with the unveiling of his remarkable new extended player, Change It.

Landing on the esteemed French imprint for his eagerly anticipated inaugural outing, the exquisite two-part package represents an incredible showcase in dynamic, thought-provoking techno from one of the most exciting, in-form producers in electronic music today.

Commencing the EP with the vivacious title track Change It, Lampé makes his intentions known from the off with an intricate techno cut, brimming with slick percussion, growling lower end and an assortment of expertly-controlled vocal samples throughout its majestic, five-and-a-half minute duration. A truly unique production and arguably the most upfront rendition on the package, Lampé’s remarkable prowess as a producer shines through for all to hear on this initial offering.

Known for his experimental soundscapes and intriguing electronic atmospheres, Lampé’s unique treatment across the package is wonderfully hypnotic, as he engages the listener from the very first kickdrum. Experienced in sub-harmonics and manipulating emotions with the element of surprise, he brings a unique energy and groove to his music, which spans over 150 productions to date.

Completing the package with the gripping closer In Waves, Lampé further demonstrates his flawless production skills and creative flair, as he unravels an impressive tapestry of punchy beats and meticulously layered textures to wrap another extraordinary EP on FORM Music and mark a worthy label debut.

Lampé – Change It EP is out now via FORM Music.