Review: Knarly Knob – The Ceiling Ft. Toile (Emotive Sounds)

Knarly Knob is a former rock band member turned dance producer who has been putting out plenty of heat. He has worked with a number of different labels and now finds himself on the Emotive Sounds label. He serves up a fresh new vocal house cut featuring Toile and it gets remixed by Andrea Martini.

The track is a rubbery number with Toile’s pained vocals sounding all airy and clean up top. The synth stabs are fat and the shakers are soft and help make this a warm, deep house number that sucks you right in and has real emotion. The remix is more paired down, with supple drums and a nice soft acid line wiggling away over there drums. It’s cool and melodic and one foe the heads. When it kicks once more in the second half after a big breakdown its nice hands in the moment that rolls and rolls.

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