Review: Einmusik – Serenade LP (Einmusika Recordings)

Hamburg producer Einmusik has long been known for his emotive deep house on labels like Dynamic. He is something of an album specialist who has put out many of the things and now comes back with his latest, Serenade. It is an album of two parts, Movement I and Movement II, and one he says “brings moments of freedom and magic.”

The album mixes classical composing with dance music and the first half is aimed at the floor while the second half is a much more cerebral listening experience free from driving grooves. It’s a bold effort and one that is ultimately hugely rewarding. It shows off plenty of studio skills as well as great vision and thought and really will keep you locked.

Serenade opens things with a deep and meditative house number. Gorgeous and delicate melodies are sprinkled over the top of churchy chords and the tune sets a nice opening tone. Marin is more upbeat but just as magically melodic and Biscarrosse is a zoned out and hypnotic number with lush long tailed pads.

Movement II starts with Cenote, a grandiose number with sweeping synths and heavenly melodies. Nob Hill has gentle kicks tumbling below a starry night sky of nice melodies and Prana shows off lovely strings and pianos in orchestral fashion. It is gorgeously musical and escapist to listen to. Things end on Precious, which is a sweeping cut that will carry you away on masterfully programmed synth arpeggios, heavy chords and drum and bass beats. It closes out a fine and varied EP that is brave and accomplished.

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