Review: Freiboitar – Love to Laugh [Indiana Tones]

The Indiana Tones label is back with a fresh new single from Freiboitar that comes backed with a fine remix from Superlover. Freiboitar is an assured German producer who releases on this label as well as the likes of Disco, No Brainer and Bunny Tiger. He has a party starting, love fuelled and funky disco sound that is truly infectious.

Here that single proves that once more – it is a dazzling cut with shooting stunts, sprinklings of cosmic energy and a tightly knotted, super funked up baseline that will inject any set with life and charm.
The remix is more house-y in nature, with driving rubber drums powering it along. Rattling perc, the big diva vocals and great bass riff still remain though and overall it seals a great EP.