Review: Allen & Filix – Droppin’ [MadMonkey]


If you have been to a club in the last few years there is more than a good chance you will have got down to a tune by Allen & Fillix. This pair are red hot when it comes to churning out club grooves and now they are back on their own MadMonkey label with more of the same.

Droppin is first and is a no messing tech house jam with coarse claps and dark vocals. Its filled with splashes of synth and great drum fills and the whole thing is driven by an essential bassline. Add in some odd vocals and you have a great dead of night banger. On the flip is Straight Beat, this one is more busy, direct and funky. Big drums, flashes of snare and a poised bass stab really power it up and ensure big damage on the floor. Once again then this pair has really come correct here.


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