Xx Isis xX drops new single ‘Burn Like Fire’ on Fedele’s Obscura label

Xx Isis xX wrote “Burn Like Fire” during a romantic period of her life, while travelling to her native island of Koh Samui. The song’s lyrics originated from a vivid nightmare, inspiring a one-and-a-half-page poem.

Initially set aside, she later transformed the poem into a profoundly personal song during the 2020 lockdown, incorporating vocal harmonies and effects, turning it into a synthpop ballad encapsulating her journey and emotions. The remarkable music video, directed by Xx Isis xX herself, was filmed in her Berlin home. The song found a home on Fedele’s Obscura label, signifying a turning point in her life.

Obscura is also expecting a killer electronic remix of “Burn Like Fire” by founder Fedele, scheduled for release in the early month of 2024, January 12th.