This Woman Was Missing – Was Actually Raving For 7 Days

Time flies when you are having fun! Right?

Well, for Dutch girl Thalissa Van de Lagemaat that went to the whole new level.

She went to a festival in Spain and told her family she’ll be back until October 31st, but on her journey to the raves her phone and documents were stolen, but she didn’t let that ruin her good time.

On the other hand, unable to reach her, Thalissa’s family asked for the help on social media, and the news of her disappearance was spread on Euro Weekly News as well.

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Careless rave girl moved on and didn’t try to stay in touch with her loved ones, and she didn’t realized the trouble she let her family in, so she soon published on her FB profile how she is having a good time on Halloween rave in Santa Fe.

Rave on Thalissa, you are our hero!