A New Concept Emerging In The Lebanese Dance Scene

Switching from 1 original collective of sounds to another is what techno is all about, leaving you with intertwining music to keep you dancing throughout the night.

In partnership with sub:Merged, Chronicles introduced a new concept to the dance music scene in Lebanon. A new techno concept that gives local DJs international support, by sharing their live sessions across worldwide techno pages.

For the first time in Lebanon, and in the beginning of their journey, Chronicles were able to bring one of the most exclusive acts to the techno scene. The Beirut debut of the man who reshaped Dance Music and turned it into a movement, alongside an All Star lineup:


One man who, if anyone does, qualifies for the title of “legendary” must surely be Dr. Motte. An original through and through, this DJ, producer and remixer from the original vanguard of techno’s few pioneering souls initiated and successfully staged what became the biggest cultural celebration of music, tolerance, love and indeed life itself, that the world has ever seen: the Love Parade.

Their main aim is to create a better scene for the techno lovers in Beirut. With their unique setups and delivery of quality music, they most definitely round up the crowd and give them a better hope for tomorrow. In a country known for it’s differences in religion and political views, they were able to bring everyone under one roof in the name of LOVE, PEACE, UNITY. Beirut has always been known as the city with its crazy nightlife. Getting lost in the music is what matters, and they’re the people to just make it even better.

The event will take place on 11.11.17 at GardenState Beirut.

“What matters is that we keep doing our part, to bring positive vibes to the city and area we live and party in, and that we welcome those who come for the love of music!” – Chronicles

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