Watch Iglooghost Share the Secrets Behind His Production Techniques for Point Blank

Last year Brainfeeder’s Iglooghost joined Point Blank for an exclusive production masterclass. During the masterclass, the UK producer unveiled the secrets behind his high octane Aphex Twin-sampling track, ‘Teef Chizzel’. If you’d like to get in-depth daily insights into music production techniques Point Blank’s online courses can help.

Iglooghost is renowned for his forward-thinking production techniques, genre-bending releases and the weird and wonderful worlds he creates through his audio-visual narratives and artworks. His track ‘Teef Chizzel’ is a blistering hyper-trap beast which blends big 808 basslines with clattering bells and otherworldly metallic scrapes. During the video he breaks down each element of the track showing how he combines instruments with random sounds to acquire that extra bite his songs are championed for.

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