Watch a Grime Track Breakdown & Interview w/ Nat Powers at Point Blank Music School

With a CV of production spanning legends and newcomers alike from the UK and the US, Nat Powers is deservedly viewed within the top tier of hip-hop producers. Collaborations with the likes of Run DMC, The Pharcyde, D Double E and Giggs tell you everything you need to know about the regard in which he is held. In a recent video with Point Blank you can see his recent visit to their studios in London in which he talks through the track ‘Lovely Jubbly’ that he produced for D Double E. Check out the full list of courses PB offer in London here.

In the video above we get a glimpse into the workings of the self-styled ‘producer, writer and human being’ Nat Powers. He tells us about the old rock n roll bands he grew up listening to and how The Beastie Boys opened his eyes to the world of hip-hop. He focuses on the massive ‘Lovely Jubbly’ he made with D Double E: how each of the elements were made in and out of the box, the inspiration of classic video-game sounds and how the crunchy arpeggiated synth led the track’s development. On a broader level, he gives some insight in the workings of grime, and some choice advice to aspiring producers about how the track’s you don’t think are your best can sometimes be the ones that really capture others’ imagination.

There are loads more videos with fantastic artists on PB’s Youtube channel, which you can find by clicking through the video above, as well as free demonstrations and sample lessons. To get the most from Point Blank though, taking a course is the way to go. They offer a BA (Hons) degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering in London and Online, supplying students with all the tools they need to make a career for themselves in the industry. There are more streamlined courses on offer too, in Production, Composition and Mixing, among others.

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