Track Breakdown: Marten Hørger – ‘Øut Øf The Wørld’ (Confession)

Point Blank are back with another Track Breakdown, this time with Marten Hørger, a global force in the bass house scene, breaking down his monstrous song, ‘Øut Øf The Wørld’, which is out now on Tchami’s label, Confession.

Emerging as a preeminent act in the bass house scene, Marten Hørger has toured the world extensively and won multiple awards for his festival-friendly, upbeat tracks. The German DJ and producer has released music on influential labels, including Musical Freedom, Monstercat and Confession, as well as collaborated with huge acts such as Habstrakt and Dr. Fresch. Continuing to be recognised for his work in the industry, Marten Hørger has now been added to the ranks of 1001 Tracklist’s Top 101 producers of 2020, is now officially one of Beatport’s Top 10 most successful bass house artists of all time and has his tracks regularly featured on BBC Radio1, Apple’s Beats One, Australia’s TripleJ; is played by some of the world’s biggest DJs and featured all over TV and cinema.

Follow on below to learn some of his go-to creative techniques as he unveils the magic behind ‘Øut Øf The Wørld’. Want in-depth insights into music production techniques? Check out Point Blank’s online and Los Angeles programmes. Plus, get 25% off selected online and LA courses before their offer ends on 28th February with the codes: ONLINE25 and LA25.

During the video, Høger breaks down his songwriting and creative processes into a few key elements, demonstrating how he came up with the concept and ideas for ‘Øut Øf The Wørld’. Firstly, he discusses The Approach, focussing on how he prevents his work from becoming just random beats and loops at the end of a studio session by coming up with a solid concept for his track. The Idea comes next, where he details the inspirations behind his songwriting style and his go-to production habits. He explores The Sounds featured in ‘Øut Øf The Wørld’, including that truly evil sounding Roland TB-303 bassline. In addition, he declares his love for the “sexy dirt” you can only replicate with analog synthesizers and how important they are to his signature sound. Lastly, he talks The Final Song, giving us a preview of the ruthless bass house monster, ‘Øut Øf The Wørld’.

Stream/buy ‘Øut Øf The Wørld’ here.