TERR returns to Hotflush with ‘Misantropicalia’ EP

Brazilian-born Daniela Caldellas returns to Hotflush Recordings with ‘Misantropicalia’, a three track EP, with each one showing different facets of her influences, further enriching her identity as TERR.

Picking up where last April’s ‘Burn The Past’ EP left off TERR continues to develop whats is becoming her retro-futurist signature. The unmistakable footprint of electro, as well as a palpable nostalgia for the early ‘80s, is present throughout. The title track perhaps even betrays a whiff of italo or hi-NRG with its Moroder-esque bass and silky guitar licks, before moving out into pure body-popping, linoleum dance floor territory on the B-side. OutRun is an invitation to do the robot worm best heard on a portable ghetto blaster, while Don’t Look Around rounds off the 12’’ in galvanising style with hints of electroclash in fractured, fleeting vocals and beats of the fat variety. ‘Misantropicalia’ shows TERR with her influences on her sleeve, and her gaze fixed firmly forwards.

Stream the title track over at the label’s Soundcloud before its release on 27 January.