SHXCXCHCXSH Launches Rösten imprint

Shxcxchcxsh are undoubtable masters of vivid techno constructions, which are as heavy as they are refined. No wonder that such sound needs its own platform to be showcased and elaborated upon. That is why Rösten is now born, a newly founded label established by the duo to realize their ever-evolving creative visions.

Rösten will be inaugurated by the first EP from Shxcxchcxsh themselves. Diverting from the slow-paced and oneiric sound of their last album into an uncompromising monolithic techno stream, they showcase their capability of unifying functional dancefloor energy with grainy lo-fi sensibilities. The intoxicated pulsations end up being wrapped in steel-wool crackle and the result sounds like techno channeled through some alien radio transmitters, yet at the same time retaining its piercing, dynamic energy. In terms of flow and organic feel, these four tracks might also invoke in the listener visions of some tribal jam session taking place in the distant future. Without relying too much on external references Shxcxchcxsh sculpt a small self-sufficient world with dystopian and cinematic flow, which acts as a de-personalised journey across some unfamiliar, mysterious, yet inviting landscapes with dusty clouds settling upon the nocturnal terrains.