See Top Producers & DJs Give Their Essential ‘One Tip’ For Emerging Artists

Last month, Point Blank made their way to Amsterdam to attend the annual Amsterdam Dance Event, 2019. Whilst there, theyvisited a variety of panels and parties as well as got the chance to catch up with some incredible producers and DJs – not to mention some exciting newcomers. During the many musical Q & A’s they got stuck into, they made sure to ask one simple question each time: “What is your one tip for an upcoming electronic music producer?” The results were inspiring to say the least.

Find out what advice the likes of Boris Brejcha, Gammer, Dezza, Martin Jensen, Gallya, and others think is vitally important for an emerging electronic artist. If you want a consistent stream of sterling advice and golden tips, Point Blank’s lecturers have decades of experience in the music industry that they’re happy to share. Check out their range of acclaimed courses here.

From solid tips on improving your workflow and honing your craft to staying positive and believing in your creative vision, these are all major keys for those who are just starting out. Now you’ve heard some tips from those working in the industry today, here’s one of Point Blank’s: When starting out, it’s great to keep your own focuses and goals in mind and try not to pay too much attention to other people’s progress – remember, everyone’s journey is different. If you’re feeling inspired by what you’ve seen in this video, they have a whole library of them on their YouTube channel.