Riccardo Noè set to release Μᾶρκος EP

‘Mark the Evangelist (Latin: Marcus; Greek: Μᾶρκος, romanized: Mârkos; Aramaic: ܡܪܩܘܣ Marqōs) is the traditionally ascribed author of the Gospel of Mark. Mark is said to have founded the Church of Alexandria, one of the most important episcopal sees of early Christianity’, according with the main Christianity tradition.

After 3 years of absence, only interrupted by a rmx for TON 618, Riccardo Noè return on its club roots with this religious EP, following the successful album ‘CABAL’ back in 2018.
This time is about one of the earlies, if not even the first, Christianity religion ever: Coptic.
Considered by many as the original egyptian people (‘αἰγύπτιος’ trasl. aigǘptios ‘egiziano’), their history goes beyond the desert sands.

‘HANGING’ is dedicated to Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church (Coptic: ϯⲉⲕⲕⲗⲏⲥⲓⲁ ⲛ̀ⲧⲉⲑⲉⲟⲇⲟⲕⲟⲥ ϯⲁⲅⲓⲁ ⲙⲁⲣⲓⲁ ϧⲉⲛ ⲃⲁⲃⲩⲗⲟⲛ ⲛ̀ⲭⲏⲙⲓ Church of Mother of God Saint Mary in Egyptian Babylon), also known as the Hanging Church (Arabic: الكنيسة المعلقة‎), by many considered to one of the earliest Church ever, is a brilliant Melodic Techno track with a loopy bells arpeggio which remind an ancient church clearly.

‘UNBURNT BUSH’ is about a supernatural phenomenon described in the third chapter of the Book of Exodus that occurred on Mount Horeb.
According to the biblical account, the bush was on fire, but was not consumed by the flames, hence the name. In the biblical narrative, the burning bush is the location at which Moses was appointed by Yahweh to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into Canaan.
According to many Christianity tradition, in particular Coptic tradition, the bush is located at Saint Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula (Arabic: دير القدّيسة كاترين‎; Greek: Μονὴ τῆς Ἁγίας Αἰκατερίνης), considered to be one of ancient cristian monastery in the world.
The track is an heavy, strong and hypnotic Techno dancefloor destroyer perfectly fixable for great events and festivals.

In addiction an ambient version for ‘Hanging’, which will include a video dedicated to coptic community and the persecution they endured through the ages.

1. Hanging (Original mix)
2. Unburnt Bush (Original mix)
3. Hanging (Ambient Version)