Lundi bleu released ‘Buzzz’ in collaboration with multi Grammy Winning producer Jeremy Loucas

BUZZZ is new song by Lundi bleu made in collaboration with multi Grammy Winning engineer/producer Jeremy Loucas (N/UM, DeWinter). The track has been recorded live at Sear Sound in New York, an iconic studio where John Lennon, David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz, Bjork and many artists worked.

It is also a tribute to 1st Daft Punk album made with old anagogic synthesizers (SH 101 Rolland, Simons SDS 800, Prophet 5). In addition we used the 1st Moog (system 55) still in the studio. The inventor Georges Moog was good friend with the founder of the studio: Sear Walter. The industrial vibe was inspired by the first Detroit techno tracks.

Buzzz is illustrating this strange pandemic times and the bad trip we all had in clubs. Finally, the track is dedicated to Philippe Zdar, french producer (Motorbass Studio) also named Z.