Review: Cocoon at Amnesia w/ Sven Vath, Nina Kraviz and Ilario Alicante


Cocoon madness at Amnesia

From 1999 Amnesia is a home of Cocoon. Sven Vath’s power label hosts amazing events and brings together great act, for 18 years now.

Event we attended on Monday, September 18 gathered Cocoon heavy-weights Sven, Ilario Alicante and Dana Ruh along with techno fans-favorite Nina Kraviz.

We arrived at midnight when Sven Vath started warming up the crowd on the terrace. After his luring beats club was getting more and more crowded and at the moment when it was full, dancers came into the club center each caring one of the Cocoon letters and having unique dance moves. After they bewitched the crowd, all eyes were on techno veteran to deliver a night to remember.

White Isle’s original Techno night, Cocoon stands for impeccable and high quality music and that is what Sven Vath’s offering was that night in Ibiza. Sven switched up the vibe and atmosphere with harder more pounding tracks, and for us that was a start of fueling his show-stealing marathon set. Sven played until about 4:00 and his menacing techno groove rocked the Amnesia making the beats harder, darker and more iconic. Listening Cocoon ringleader play for more than 4 hours is something most remarkable a techno fan can witness, all the introduction into the night and the journey dj sets properly was a new territory to all of us who listened to him a couple of times, but never this long. Sven’s set helped us explore further innovative territories of true techno veteran’s sound!

After Sven finished on the Terrace and Dana finished in the club, there was a huge dilemma… Should we stay here and listen to Ilario or to Nina. We solved it easily going left and right to check how everything was on the other stage. What we noticed right away besides great music is more amazing sound system that wouldn’t let the sounds mix. After a short while we split as half of our companions went to listen to Nina. Their impressions of her set were simple and expected ‘Nina Kraviz tore the place down’ which we witnessed for a few moments.

We choose to listen to Ilario, whose set was just what we wanted to continue Sven’s journey. Cocoon mainstay Ilario Alicante switched up our surrounding, but just in a bit, into the darker, more intimate set. He portrayed darker shades of techno showing exactly why he was one of Sven’s best residents. Along with the first rays of Sunlight, he sent atmosphere levels through the roof with excitement. Ilario provided a real moment and emotion into the hearts of all techno enthusiasts, making it the set that, in our humble opinion, must’ve been a highlight for many.

Our first night of Cocoon at Amnesia was definitely one of the best nights in our lives, whether it’s Ibiza vibe to blame, or Cocoon power acts.



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