Interview: Alex Mine

Alex Mine is a SCI+TECH affiliated artist who has received heavy support and praise from his mentor Dubfire. The prolific producer has released over 100 tracks in his career, including ‘Entady’ which featured on Joseph Capriati’s Fabric CD and ‘Special Needs’ which featured on Richie Hawtin’s ENTER.Ibiza compilation.

With his next release due for release on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M in October which includes an exclusive Carl Cox remix and following this Alex returns to Sci+Tech to deliver another hard hitting EP.

Hi Alex, how are you? Where have you been last couple of weeks and what’s new?

Hey guys, I’m fine thanks! Had incredible gigs around and been focused in the studio too during the week.
I have 2 big releases coming out and new confirmed gigs such as Romania, Netherlands and many more to announce.

As a musician, pianist and percussionist, do you consider your musical education helped you with production of electronic music?

Sure! I play classic piano since I’m 6 and around 10 I started learning drums, so turn this knowledge to electronic music allowed me to rise so quickly in this business.

You are a new producer who already has releases on renowned label, so what in your opinion, in which way your music differs from other artists?

I think my roots characterize my tracks. I played in several teenage bands in the past playing rock, punk and metal but I also love losing my mind at the piano when I have few moments.
I think this two different experiences define my track. Strong drum patterns but also cool melodies.

Your productions and dj sets move between genres, do you think it’s important for an artist not to be known to audience only under one category?

Exactly, I don’t want to be catalogued in one genre. I mean, I love techno but I also love all its shades. I can’t imagine a 2 hours set of mine with all similar stuff, that is so boring!
Sometimes I feel raw, some days I feel minimal, some days I feel deep. And so are my sets/productions.

Tell us something more about Comade Music, what upcoming releases we shouldn’t miss?

We are at a standstill to be honest in the last weeks. We are trying to understand how to proceed in the best way, sometimes reconcile 3 heads is not pretty easy, but we’re still pushing the music we receive from our regular artists such as The Southern, Peter Bailey, Sin Sin, Richie Santana plus all the stuff we select from the demos we get everyday.

As SCI+​TEC affiliated artist how would you say your collaboration with Dubfire started and what comes next? Are you working on some new music for the label?

Well, I met him during a Sonar event in Barcelona. I gave him my USB stick. After few days he wrote to me an e­mail saying that he wanted me to release that stuff on his label.
Yes, I have a new release this November 3rd titled ‘In A Time Lapse’ and I can’t wait to let you listen the previews!

Your next release is for Monika Kruse’s Terminal M in October, so what can you tell us about the release? Is there any story behind it?

I love this release. I produced ‘Lost’ 2 years ago, but I never sent it out a demo since I want to find a right home for it. Finally i signed it on Terminal M, that’s a nice story 🙂
This release also contains ‘Solar’ by me and ‘Opus’ which I made with my studio mate D-Deck.

How did the relationship with Terminal M come about? Is it a label you have always wanted to work with?

Monika has always played some of my tracks, and when we personally met during an ADE party while she was playing a track of mine she turns and she said “alex, send me some of your new tracks for my label”. I immediately felt honored since I start playing vinyl with some Terminal M releases and so I started sending her my music until this release was born.

How would you describe your creating process? What is your goal when you make music?

I do not have the same creating process all the time. Sometimes it all starts from a melodic loop I play from the piano, sometimes from a texture I grab somewhere.
The beauty of music is that you don’t have rules to do it. And no, I don’t have goals. I first make a track and then I think where and who to send.

Where can we hear you in the following weeks?

October is getting hot. I’m playing in Iasi (Romania) the 13rd for Main Sounds and the 24th for Techno Tuesday In Amsterdam. More to be confirmed soon, keep an eye on my socials.

After the Terminal M release you have another forthcoming on SCI+​TEC? Do you change up your sound depending on the label or is there “one Alex Mine” signature sound?

As I said before, I never start a track saying: this will be for that label. But I always try to give my imprint to every track. This releases are different from each other, but they reflect my dj-sets and that’s what I want to express with my releases.