Point Blank Techtorial: Why You Should Mix in Key w/ Mixed In Key Plugins

For this tutorial, Point Blank’s DJ Ravine and Mr Bristow explore Mixed In Key version 10 and discuss why mixing in key is so important.

Mixed In Key 10 has the best key detection in the world. For over fifteen years, Mixed In Key has consistently ranked #1 in key detection accuracy. The latest version is designed to accurately detect the true key of any track, sample or loop. The world’s top DJs and producers rely on Mixed In Key to make their mixes sound perfect. This software is the industry standard for detecting the key of loops and beats and works perfectly in tandem with pitch-correction software like AutoTune. It also writes meta-data to Serato, Traktor, rekordbox and other DJ software.

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During the video, DJ Ravine and Ben Bristow delve into Mixed In Key 10’s new features, showing how the software can automatically generate cue points for your music. In addition, the pair explore the software’s new accurate key detection algorithm, why mixing in key is so important, the basics of the Camelot Wheel and more.