Nina Kraviz’s Video Game Character Reminds Her Of Former Dentist Career


‘Cyberpunk 2077’ video game has a character based on Nina Kraviz, a Russian DJ.

Her voice-acted character is actually named Nina Kraviz — she’s a “ripper doc” which is like an underground plastic surgeon who enhances people with robotic limbs and organs. An interesting little tie-in with her real life history of being a former dentist.

But how much is this virtual Nina similar to our favorite artist? Nina gave us an answer to this question in her latest interview with Billboard.

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”Did you see that chair in the ripper doc clinic where she works? It’s so reminiscent of a dentist chair in the hospital where I worked. It’s mental. She also has this metal thing on her hand, and it looks like the dental drill that I know so well. It’s thrilling that my former profession was somehow implemented in my character.

There is also this one little detail that I noticed: when you talk to Cyberpunk Nina, she kind of shifts from one foot to another and looks away every now and then. Perhaps it’s because behind this storm-beaten woman dressed in kitschy clothes hides a shy, child-like person. I found it really sweet”, Nina said.

And in case you were wondering if Nina is a gamer herself, Nina revealed ”I feel like I’m a potentially obsessive gamer, so I’m being careful with that. I have to adhere to reasonable disciplinary standards in order to finish my new album.”


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