Amelie Lens: Not a model. I repeat – not a model


“Model Amélie Lens is the best DJ in Belgium”, was one of the first things international fans could read about Amelie Lens.

This techno heavyweight spoke about her modeling past in the interview with Belgian De Morgen magazine.

As the article goes, to understand that, we have to go back to that edition of Dour in 2005. To the moment that Amélie was approached by that model scout.
“When I was sixteen, I was in art school in Antwerp, where they imposed the choice between art or fashion education. I was absent too often, doubled, changed school and eventually decided to quit 2 years before graduating. I worked hard for two years and when I was eighteen I enrolled for a course to get my degree after all. In two months time, I had to catch up on 2 years of school material. But It worked. I strive. When we had to do the Coopertest at school and I got an eight out of ten, I insisted I could do better and wanted to do that test again after school. I got a nine out of ten “, Amelie said.

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On her modelling days, Amélie wants to be brief. Yes, it was her name next to Cara Delevingne in the list of Vogue’s Model Faces To Watch in 2010. There were Jean Paul Gaultier and associates. There were castings and measuring the hips. There was a lot of ‘non’ and there was even more ‘oui’. “My ambition was not in fashion.” That ambition lay in music, her model agency knew it too. “I often refused a job on Friday because there was a DJ that I wanted to go and see. I preferred the club over the catwalk. And they understood that. I mean.. they found me at Dour, they always knew. ”

For ten years she did a job that she knew would be not last forever. In the meantime, she continued to work on music, and we are very grateful for that!

Read her full interview here.


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