New from Marc Houle – ‘Paligama’& ‘Far Beyond’ Remix

‘Paligama’ – Nowness Premiere

The Canadian electronic music producer has enlisted Underskin, aka video artist Federico Boccardi, to shape the video for the track ‘Paligama’, included on his LP ‘Sinister Mind’ on Items & Things, which features dancers as they let loose in facial and bodily contortions. Paligama  is a visual metaphor of the human mind by Underskin and Siciliano Contemporary Ballet for the Canadian electronic producer

“In this video the darkness of the human psyche takes shape through the beauty of the female body,” says Italian choreographer Salvatore Siciliano, who conceived the movements. “The light is enough to see the contrasting expressions and grotesque images of the emotions.”

‘Far Beyond Remix’ on Rukus

Last March, Marc Houle remixed Anna’s ‘Far Beyond’ track on Rukus. For this one, the creative DJ and producer surfaced the hidden personality of the original by adding clever synth framework and ghostly vocals to give it a steamy mood.

You can listen to the remix here.