Michael Canitrot to perform unique show at Eiffel Tower to commemorate the passing of Gustave Eiffel

In touch with news that Michal Canitrot will be performing a unique live-streamed performance from the Eiffel Tower in Paris on December 27th to commemorate Gustave Eiffel’s passing.
The esteemed French DJ and Producer has curated the Monumental Tour, a concept that blends electronic music, heritage, and digital art, through stunning visual concerts, establishing bridges between the past and the future to offer a contemporary vision of our monuments.
During this show it is expected that Michael Canitrot will showcase an enchanting DJ set weaving between melodic techno and progressive house, and of course highlighting his new track ‘Change’, created in collaboration with the house music legend, Roland Clark, set for release on 15th December.
Let me know if you’d be keen to cover the story with a news article – if you’d also like to crosspost the stream on your socials when it goes live on 27th December, we can certainly organise this too!