Melodic duo Asphere releases their debut EP “Valyria”

Asphere, a fresh melodic techno duo from the Netherlands releases their debut EP “Valyria” finishing up the 2022 year with a bang and setting up 2023 for success!

The release is coming in the shape of two carefully crafted, deeply-immersive and cinematic club-weapons: Valyria, an epic journey through vast soundscapes, lush ethereal pads and echoing horns merging in a perfectly accomplished play between quiet and storm, tension and release. Azula completes the journey with its energetic groove, captivating hooks, fervid melodies and solid build-ups that are sure to set dancefloorsablaze.

The EP has been released via Post Scriptum label and so far has been supported by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Ilario Alicante, Christian Varela, Marco Carola and many more…

With an even bigger 2023 in sight, Asphere is definitely one of those artists you should be on the lookout for

Don’t just take our word for it, though, be sure to check out the track below and follow Asphere to keep up with future endeavours.

Valyria is now available on Beatport as well as all of the streaming services.