Man fakes his own kidnapping to keep Raving

How much do you guys love raves? If you are like us, then the answer is a lot, and nothing can ever drag us from rave and having great time. Now imagine you are having an amazing time, but you need to go home, so what do you do?

How far would you go to stay at the party? Probably not as far as this genious.

With a friend posing as his captor, the 32 year old Bolton male told his girlfriend he was being held hostage, and would not be release until a 50 pound debt was paid. Apparently hostages go pretty cheap in Bolton.

The woman was “beside herself” and called police after speaking to his “kidnapper” on the phone and receiving a number of text messages. But her boyfriend was in fact enjoying himself at a house party in Bolton in the early hours.

One detective said it was “one of the most foolish and irresponsible incidents” she had encountered. After the alarm was raised, more than a dozen officers carried out house-to-house enquiries, checked CCTV and analysed mobile phone data in an attempt to find him.

A number of properties were searched and a man was arrested on suspicion of kidnap. But he was later released when he admitted it was a “ruse” to allow his friend to stay out longer. Greater Manchester Police then tracked down the man at the party in Shurmer Street shortly before 1.30am on Saturday.