Jeff Mills and Tony Allen announce new EP

Jeff Mills and Tony Allen will put out their first collaborative EP named Tomorrow Comes The Harvest.

The Detroit techno architect and legendary Afrobeat drummer have been playing improvisational live sets together since the latter half of 2016. “It started off as a request for me to come in and play on an album,” Mills explained in an interview with FACT, “but once we got together, I showed him what I could do—then the idea of a show came up. That was the show at the New Morning in Paris.”

There are two versions of Tomorrow Comes The Harvest listed for pre-order on distributions sites: a European version with four tracks and an expanded Japanese version that includes an extra track and some alternative edits.

Release is out in September through Decca Records.

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Gepostet von TONY ALLEN x JEFF MILLS am Freitag, 6. Juli 2018