Italian Police Have Found a Shipment of Coffee Beans Stuffed With Cocaine

We drink our caffeine in the morning to help us energize our day. And we need our cocaine exactly why? To balance our lives? To understand what fate has dealt us? To calm down? To attempt to reorganize? To stop and take measure? These are possibilities, openings for discussion.

On the other hand, our government has looked at our needs and thought, “Well, the best way to deal with our citizens’ dependence on cocaine is to fumigate with glyphosate,” a pesticide manufactured by Monsanto among others, in Colombia. Let’s eradicate the source plant! What?

Italy police uncovered cocaine stuffed inside coffee beans that were hollowed-out after the package was addressed to a fictional movie character.

Police tracked the package and found that it was full of coffee beans that had been stuffed with 150g worth of cocaine and taped back up again. They arrested the 50-year-old man who came to collect it.

Not ones to overlook the ingenuity of the shipment, the police in charge of the sting named their operation ‘Caffe Scoretto’ – Improper Coffee in English – which is a pun on ‘Caffe Corretto’, which translates to corrected coffee and is the name of an espresso topped up with sambuca.