Cannabis Strain Designed specifically to Make Women Orgasm

Created by Karyn Wagner, this unique strain know as “Sexxpot”, is designed to help any woman experience a mind-blowing sexual experience.

The indica-based strain, is derived from a low-THC strain recognized as “Mr. Nice” and contains about 14% THC. This is particularly low in comparison to other strains, such as gorilla glue and OG Kush, which will send you to kingdom come with just a few puffs.

According to THC consultant Eloise Theisen, high levels of THC can agitate anti-estrogen activity.

The idea for the strain came to Paradigm Medical Marijuana founder Karyn Wagner after a passionate lovemaking session enhanced by a pre-coitus joint last year. While there’s nothing new about smoking cannabis to get in the mood, this time she was taken to new heights.

“After I smoked this one,” she recalls, “I said, You know, honey, that was perfect. Save it for next time.” Her partner labeled the bag “Sexpot”, and the rest is history.

Sexxpot is derived from the low-THC strain, Mr. Nice. Wagner says the lower-than-usual levels of THC (about 14 percent) are beneficial because the consumer is placed in a “sensual” headspace that doesn’t get them too high to actually get down and dirty.

Berkeley-based cannabis consultant and nurse practitioner Eloise Theisen, who routinely treats men and women looking to enhance their sex lives with cannabis, recently weighed in on the product and gave it her stamp of approval.

“Women just need less THC in general,” she said.