Italian duo SN-EB drops new EP on We Are Existence Imprint


Danny Fontana and Annie Hill’s peak time techno record label We Are Existence is back with a new EP by Italian duo SN-EB.

SN-EB are from Padova where they are well-known as a leading force within the city’s techno scene. Playing regularly at many of the region’s best festivals and events, they have enraptured dance floors with their hard-hitting style.

Also skilled producers, SN-EB have been releasing tracks since the start of 2020 and already built up a back catalogue including releases on the likes of Syncopate, Techno Mood and Botanica.

“Reflection” opens the release with its thundering kick drum and acid stabs, which are layered with thrashing percussion rhythms to create a high-octane groove. Dark and intense, the eerie synths build tension as the namesake vocal adds to the captivating suspense.

“Acid November” has a rumbling bassline with acid tones that combine with dramatic synth stabs that have just a hint of euphoria. Leading to a spine-tingling breakdown, the track’s creepy vocal adds to its frantic energy as it unleashes hell upon the dance floor.

Grab your copy HERE.


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